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Multibrand scanner ScanDoc® Compact

Multi-brand scanner with advanced diagnostic features. This is a professional tool for service stations, it has the necessary functions for the diagnosis and repair of cars.

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A complete list of features for each brands model can be found in the program demo.



Fast operation with ScanDoc

Fast operation

The program reacts to the user instantly. The transitions between menus and modes of operation of the program have minimal delays. The rate of information delivery is limited only by the speed of user's computer.

The exact choice of the model and the system is very important. Depending on the vehicle modification, diagnostic protocols may differ significantly. That's why this program has an automatic search system. If, for some reason, the automatic search is not possible, you can choose the system manually or by entering vehicle's VIN or KBA numbers.

Important service functions

Important service functions

To repair the car it is very important that the scanner can perform the greatest possible number of service functions.

With a scanner you can perform adaptation of the throttle, injectors coding, robotic gearbox adaptation, fuel pump binding, key or key fob binding, enter the odometer reading when replacing the instrument panel, perform installation of POPs, idling adjustment, reset of adaptations, and so on. The program gives a complete description of the procedures and guides the diagnostician in the process.



This important function is very well established in the scanner. ScanDoc can encode most common brands. You can include non-activated functions in the car. You can read the coding information from the old block and move it to a new one. The coding interface across the different brands has been adapted to a single interface. No need to enter user IDs and set up bits. The program will do everything automatically. You only need to select the desired options.

Other little perks

Other little perks

After 5 minutes of inactivity (time can be set in the preferences) the adapter will sound an alarm tone so that you do not forget in the car.

The adapter can also be worn around the neck. For that, it has a special strap hole. The strap is equipped with a safety lock. If, for any reason, the adapter gets pulled into the cooling fan the strap lock automatically opens.

Single platform

Single platform

Thanks to the HTML technology, we have created a single platform running on different devices and operating systems, such as iOS, Android, Windows or Linux.



We pay special attention to the safety and privacy of our users and responsible approach to this issue. All traffic from the adapter to the end user is encrypted. We do not store any personal user data except for the minimum necessary for the proper functioning of the system. More details about this can be found in our privacy agreement.



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